What Does Sponsoring Us Give You?

The TWAC is a world famous event that is widely publicised on a range of media platforms both in the UK and abroad, presenting an excellent branding opportunity for your organisation. The event is gaining in popularity and public interest.

The Salty Sappers/ATLANTIC UBIQUE team have a significant following on social media platforms and the serving and former Sapper community as a whole is a large and well connected group of people. As part of the British Army the team will have excellent links with the Army’s extensive digital media presence as well as its traditional media products in the form of Soldier Magazine and Forces TV.

Physical branding of the boat and relevant equipment by sponsors is actively encouraged and will provide a great platform to get your brand seen in an eye-catching and unusual setting, this will be agreed to reflect the amount of sponsorship provided.

Should you wish to equip the team with products or equipment relevant to the undertaking of the event the team cannot directly endorse or advertise it. However, some publicity could be gained by facilitating informal product placement in media during the campaign.

We will be pleased to offer acknowledgement of any sponsor that is directly associated with the project with pre-agreed wording in line with Army policy, for example: “Sponsored by…”

To find out more about the challenge, the crew or the sponsorship opportunities available please don’t hesitate to contact us

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